Konig Brand

The Konig range includes a variety of products used in daily Chinese cooking. These include their famous abalone sauce, soy sauces, bean curd and chicken powder. All Konig products are MSG free and considered one of the most recognisable brands in China.  More Details >>

Golden Monkey Brand

Our home brand offers customers a low cost option for everyday goods. The Golden Monkey brand includes products ranging from oils, dried foods and noodles.  More Details >>

Sun Circle Brand

Manufactured and produced in Sydney NSW, this brand includes frozen buns and dumplings (Gyoza) in a variety of flavours.  More Details >>


One of the most popular instant noodles originating from South Korea.  More Details >>

Evergreen Tofu

Manufactured and produced in Sydney NSW, Evergreen Tofu offer one of the silkiest and finest tofu and soy based products in Australia.  More Details >>

Tean’s Gourmet

A range of pre-cooked pastes and condiments 

that have an authentic Malaysian flavour.

More Details >>

Lucky Girl

Our home brand of asian delicacies and snacks from all around the world.

Kimbo Brand

Directly imported from Taiwan, this brand offers a huge range of dried foods, snacks and frozen products.

Best Flavour Dim Sims

Best Flavour manufactures and produces a variety of dim sims. Their manufacturing process operates on an accredited safe food system through the rules and regulations imposed by SGS, as such their premise is also HACCP approved.

Happy Home Cuisine

Our home brand of fresh and frozen food products sourced from a variety of countries.